Walmart Celebrates Milestones in Grocery Ecommerce Capabilities

Walmart Commemorates Milestones in Grocery Ecommerce Capabilities

markets, covering 69 percent of U.S. households.In other Walmart grocery shipment news, earlier this month, the seller said it is piloting brand-new grocery innovation that utilizes crowdsourcing to reduce the costs of last-mile shipment while offering drivers more versatile schedules. Spark Delivery utilizes an in-house platform that lets chauffeurs register for windows of time that work best for their schedules, and gives order information, navigation support and more for grocery shipment. The brand-new program is similar to Amazon Flex, which enables individuals to deliver packages for the Seattle-based ecommerce giant and make$18 to$ 25 an hour doing so. © 2018 EnsembleIQ, All Rights Reserved

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