Website Presence | Is Your Dealership Digital Marketing Stuck? | Part II

Website Presence | Is Your Dealership Digital Marketing Stuck? | Part II

How Often Is Your Dealership Website Updated? In part two of our Auto Marketing Blog Series, “ Is Your Dealership Marketing Stuck? “, let’s look at your website from a consumer standpoint. Your dealership’s website is often the last place shoppers will visit when they’re ready to buy. Is your website encouraging them to take the next step? Remember: the language, images and calls to action of your Dealership website are supposed to make your customers want to communicate and do business with you. It’s amazing how many dealership websites still have a “generic” look and feel, some never even changing the text and nav headers provided to them. Some dealerships don’t hold their website provider accountable for the interior page URLs, which all lead to losses of traffic. When was the last time you asked one of your customers for feedback on what their experience was when shopping for a vehicle on your website? Do you focus-group test the site? Does your website address your customer’s pain points and lead them down a path to a great new or used vehicle, or scheduling service, or ordering a part? Have you looked at your analytics and pinpointed a spot where there are “drop offs” or places where your dealership website visitors get confused and LEAVE your site without contacting you? When was the last time the website got a even minor tweak? Are your new, used and service specials up to date? Are there pages on your website that show potential customers how you support the community? How long has the current look and feel been active? Does your website provider run A/B testing to see if one VDP layout works better than another? Does the website use Responsive Design, which is optimized for mobile and tablet browsing? How often is the dealership monitoring your website’s analytics? What are you looking for? Is there a blog incorporated into the site? How often is new content being published? If you don’t have the answers to these questions, it’s time to bring in Infinite Prospects to help you identify areas of the website that need to be updated. We can even sit in on the meeting that you have with your website provider to ensure that the changes desired are communicated properly, so you get the results you expect. We will perform a complimentary website audit and FREE consultation to share our findings with you. Contact us and we will do a full website audit for you from your customer’s perspective. Click here to download our FREE dealership website audit checklist Click here to read part 3 of our “Is Your Dealership Digital Marketing Stuck?” Series, where we help you take a closer look at your Dealership’s Online Reputation.

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