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What Cross Linking in SEO Exactly Is? How does it work?

The term cross-linking may sound you complicated, Isn’t it? But let me tell you it is really a simple concept. It is mainly used to boost the content of a targeted website.

Cross Linking Definition :

Cross Linking is the method of establishing links between two websites. It is not necessary that both the websites are owned by the same person, it is simply a process to integrate different websites of similar content on the Internet. It avails visitors to find different sites with similar content and dig out the stuff they are actually looking for.

The main objective of SEO cross-linking is to build links to relevant keywords to related content. These links support the marketer to build websites authority and facilitate the visitors to have easy access to content they are looking for and they develop the interest when they view multiple pages on your website. When you apply cross-linking on your targeted website that helps the user navigate your site easily.

How does it work?

There is no rocket science associated with SEO cross-linking technique. However, it is the simple approach, which includes implanting links in footer/sidebar and deeply in the content. It helps the search engines to rank your website when you have implanted links to your web page containing relevant keywords from other domain names

Below are some examples of cross-links:

Suppose there are three web pages on a website, you need to implant relevant links between these pages like

How to apply cross-linking strategy effectively?

1. Choose Long Tail Keywords:

Long tail keywords are preferable for SEO, as people are more likely to input long keywords for their query on search engines. For example- “Best Digital marketing institute in Janakpuri Delhi” instead of “Digital marketing institute”. They are generally specific to something depends on what the user is looking for. When we insert long tail keywords, it minimizes the completion to a specific area or zone and increases the chances of conversion.

2. Create an offer around the keyword.

The offer you want to associate with the keyword can be either a checklist, eBook or another piece of downloadable content. From the example, I have quoted earlier “Digital marketing institute in Delhi” could land the user to digital marketing institute in Delhi specific to the location and offer embedded to that.

3. Link the “Most Viewed Pages” on your Website to other pages:

Being a marketer you need to first find out, which page is performing well and getting the most traffic. Implant links with an offer within those pages, which helps to spread link juice from your strongest pages to newer or lower-traffic pages.

4. Associate hyperlinks with relevant keywords

When you are applying cross-linking strategy, you should always make sure to implant hyperlinks to the keywords instead of the generic phrase like “click here. Always be careful to use relevant keywords, which depict what the content is about.

So, while doing SEO for your website, make sure you are considering cross-linking strategy.

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