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Teenagers, as we know them now, have only existed as a separate population segment since the 1950s.
In cinema and popular music, a developing youth culture highlighted
the years when young people were no longer children but yet not nearly adults.
Young people become acutely aware of their own identities.
A thriving postwar economy meant that many teenagers had disposable earnings at
the time.
Eager to express themselves, people began to spend record amounts of money on clothing, grooming goods, and entertainment.
Marketers recognized the trend and began to create products and advertisements, particularly for teenagers.
Since then, teenagers and young people have been a significant purchasing group.
According to MarketingVox, the total amount spent by or
on behalf of adolescent customers in 2012 will be $208.7 billion.

What is youth marketing?

Any marketing activity aimed towards young people referred to as youth marketing.
Tweens, teens, college students, and young adults aged 23-34are often divided into smaller parts based on their age.
Each market sector has its own set of items and advertising strategies.
This advertising approach not restricted to any one marketing channel or technique.
Youth marketing occurs on television, radio, in print, and a variety of internet formats.
Companies frequently support extreme athletes, singers, and high school sports teams to get a foothold in young culture.
Authenticity is especially essential to young people
Young people are valuable customers
because they influence their friends and family’s purchase decisions.
Teens, in addition to being consumers, may influence where
their family goes on vacation, the car they buy, and the clothes their peers wear.
When a product or brand is popular among young people,
It acquires the impression of being “cool.”

Tips for Youth Marketing

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