What is Abandoned Cart? How to recover it with CedCommerce’s HubSpot E-Commerce Integration module?

In the world of e-commerce, not only bringing the traffic or customers to an e-commerce store is important. It will lead the business to no fruitful point if the customers or prospects are not turning into a ‘buyer’ by purchasing your products or services. After all, this is how sales will be generated and turn you a profit.

Now it’s an interesting question as to what exactly do the online visitors do if they visit your online store and don’t buy your product. That is where the Abandoned Cart phenomenon pops out.

Let’s understand the Abandoned Cart and what importance does it play in the e-commerce business.

What is an Abandoned Cart?

It often happens that visitors visit the e-commerce store but do not take any action which is desired by the sellers. This is called Abandonment in the e-commerce environs. However, when a visitor ‘adds’ a product(s) to the shopping cart but leaves the website without buying the product, it is referred as Abandoned Cart.

But the question is that what are the reasons for cart abandonment and how often does it happen? See the reasons for cart abandonment yourself, below:

Reasons for Cart Abandonment

However there are multiple reasons for Cart Abandonment, some of the main reasons for Cart Abandonment are listed below:

  • Forced User Registration
  • Difficult Checkout Process
  • Unexpected Cost of Delivery
  • Security Issues

Forced User Registration

37% of shopping carts are abandoned due to forced user registration, according to a survey.

This number in itself shows how many visitors leave the website if they are forced to create an account and do the registration. One of the main reasons for cart abandonment, forced account creation can be avoided if the following points are considered:

  1. Make the account creation process easy. Any hassle while creating an account would result in an abandoned cart.
  2. Choose the right time. Ask the users at the right time to create the account and not at the initial step when they are just selecting or viewing a product.
  3. Provide value. Users should know that they will get benefits by making an account on your website.

Difficult Checkout Process

It was revealed in a survey that 28% of users leave the website as they find the checkout process difficult.

One of the main causes of the abandoned cart is the difficult checkout process that can prove to be troublesome for you. If there are too many steps and fields that a visitors needs to fill for checking out, chances are likely that it will result in an Abandoned cart. However, by considering the below-mentioned points, you can negate one of the main reasons for cart abandonment.

  1. Ask fewer details from your visitors. Asking too much of information – especially something that you won’t use often – will result in an abandoned cart and may cost you business and sales.
  2. Ask your visitors timely. Leave some information to be filled by your visitors once they have placed the order for your product successfully. Too much information asked at a time is one of the reasons for cart abandonment that results in an abandoned cart.

Unexpected Cost Of Delivery

60% of users left the abandoned cart as they found the shipping cost to be too high.

Too much shipping cost is one of the reasons for cart abandonment and it can be seen that a huge number of visitors leave a website if it is the case. To avoid it, online merchants can consider the below-mentioned points:

  1. Consider free shipping if you can. Not only does it help in removing the reason that results in an abandoned cart but it also generates more traffic, sales, and popularity to your website.
  2. Mention the estimated delivery cost. Even if it is not feasible for you as a seller to tell the exact cost of shipping the product to your user, consider telling the expected cost. It may reduce the chances for an abandoned cart.

Security Issues

19% of users, in a survey, expressed that they can’t trust a website with their credit card details.

In this age of data theft and phishing, chances are likely that an online buyer would hesitate to share the information related with bank details while shopping online. It is one of the reasons that results in an abandoned cart. To combat this hurdle, below-mentioned points should be considered by an e-commerce store owner:

  1. Give a simple message to users. Instead of displaying multiple signs of security and safety, it is advisable to tell in a simple manner that the site is protected and will cause no harm to the buyers.
  2. Use a padlock sign. Although many signs are not recognizable by the users, this is one sign that all the users know. The padlock sign states the source of the website and tells if it is safe to share the crucial details or not.

Although the above-mentioned reasons were some prime reasons for cart abandonment, there are many other reasons too that result in an abandoned cart. In the graph below, the reasons can be seen according to a survey conducted by the Baymard Institute.

Recover Abandoned Cart with CedCommerce’s HubSpot E-Commerce Integration Module

All the points mentioned above are the reasons for cart abandonment. If the solutions mentioned for them are considered, they may diminish the chances of cart abandonment.

BUT, there is a solution which if used, may get you rid of an abandoned cart. That solution is that of email marketing which works as an ultimate weapon to bring back the users who have left the cart abandoned without taking any action.

Such an email marketing campaign that includes communicating with the users who have left the abandoned cart and have not purchased a product is one of the services that CedCommerce’s HubSpot Integration Module includes.

HubSpot E-Commerce Integration module by CedCommerce enables the sellers to send emails (can be called Abandoned Cart Email) to the customers from their HubSpot panel in the case of Abandoned Cart. To procure the recovery of the abandoned cart, you as a seller may communicate with the shoppers through an abandoned cart email to persuade them to take the desired action, after a specific time period.

How does it work? Once the HubSpot E-Commerce Integration module is installed you may complete the necessary steps and then create an email template for such emails.

Now such abandoned cart emails can be sent to the visitors who left the website without making a purchase. Such an abandoned cart email is usually sent within 24 hours from the time when the visitor left the abandoned cart on your website. In emails, a seller may include offers, discounts, and other elements that any customer/prospect may like. Ultimately, customers in such cases find it a profitable deal to get the products at a lesser price. Hence, there are chances that they return and buy the products, something the seller wanted since the beginning. Easy, isn’t it?

Going a step further and understanding the whole scenario from a sellers point of view, we have developed an up-to-the-minute module. Keeping in mind the web framework that you might be using, the module that is currently available for HubSpot E-Commerce Integration is the HubSpot Magento 2 Integration

However, the HubSpot Magento 2 Integration is powered with multiple such features that not only will nullify the abandoned cart issue but will give the sellers an ease. With such convenience, it will be easy for sellers to understand the customer behavior. Also, it would be working as a catalyst in generating more sales and traffic to the seller’s online store.

In case you have any query regarding the HubSpot E-Commerce Integration or HubSpot Magento 2 Integration Module, you may or chat with us via or .


Summing the topic up, it is evident that the next level after generating the traffic to your website is to tend the visitors to buy your product. If that doesn’t happen, it will result in the abandoned cart which is alarming if the rate is higher. If the reasons for cart abandonment are kept into consideration with the remedies, it can be avoided. Even if you haven’t taken the measures until now, we bring you a solution. Using our HubSpot E-Commerce Integration, you may communicate effectively with the visitors. Next? You may add deals that customers may find profitable and as a result, they opt for purchasing the product at a lesser price.

So forget the hassles of an abandoned cart, and get ready to take your next step in your journey to elevate your business.

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