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So after you have done the hard work of getting a customer to land on your website, social media page or open an email, there are still a ton of reasons why a customer may leave and not convert. As a business owner and marketer, you know that you need to present them with more reasons to close the sale.

This is where remarketing comes in. It is a strategy used by businesses to show potential customers specific ads based on their past behavior with the brand.  This technique is powerful because it allows you to further tailor your messaging to address any potential concerns, be present on other platforms, and give you another shot at winning the customer back!

How to segment your audience

One of the key advantages of remarketing is having some information about the action that the customer has already taken and further tailoring messaging to provide value.

A few examples of customer segmentation could be:
– Subscribed to your newsletter and downloaded a piece of content
– Visiting your website and browsing through your blog content
– Opening and clicking the last 5 emails you sent

Here is a further elaboration on how you can leverage the above to do remarketing:

If a visitor subscribed to your cooking newsletter and downloaded a recipe for cinnamon buns, it is safely assumed that they are generally interested in baking. The customer can be further kept interested by being sent similar recipes such as a jam donut recipe.

Finally, take the opportunity to convert them by offering a product that they might need e.g. containers to store and keep cinnamon buns fresh, or an invitation to sign up for a baking class.

For more advanced remarketing, have a look at .

Different forms of remarketing content

Remarketing can come in all kinds of formats with the main ones being images and videos.

Imagery is an easy way to make your ad stand out but it is not the only way. In the examples below, brands use a series of static images with differing strategies on winning the customer back.

In discount-driven retargeting ads, often customers will get shown multiple products or features followed by a big discount to incentivize purchase. Common texts used are ‘Limited time only’ / ‘Special 50% off just for you’.

Another strategy is to further prove that the product can solve your problem with features and benefits. The HubSpot ad below immediately shows how their product is going to help busy working individuals certify themselves, easily accessible (online), and something you can do on your own time (self-paced).

As short-form videos such as YouTube shorts, Tiktok, and Reels take the online audience by storm, videos are increasingly becoming a more popular asset for remarketing ads for video marketing.

In your remarketing audience, customers tend to already have some idea about what your brand or product is about. And so, a strong benefit of video is to be able to go into more detail about the benefits of your product.

For example, if one reason for not purchasing is the lack of understanding of how to use a product, a video tutorial can help a customer gain more clarity. Sterra, a water purifier brand, has identified that this might be an issue for customers and created an instructional video to help address this problem.

Perhaps a customer was not able to think of other reasons to buy and hence abandoned their cart. Remarketing videos can also be used to remind and supplement the customer with more reasons to purchase. A ‘5 reasons why’ video is a common tactic used by brands to showcase how their product is applicable to multiple uses.

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