What Makes a Good Digital Marketing Agency? – Thehotskills

What Makes a Good Digital Marketing Agency? - Thehotskills

This is a question that many small business owners ask and for good reason, as they strive to create a strong digital profile. Most people have little to no understanding of how digital marketing works and with that in mind, we decided to list the qualities that make for a good digital marketing agency.

Google ranked

Think about it, a digital marketing agency that boasts the ability to put your website on Google’s page 1 should have a great Google ranking themselves. If you Google ‘top digital marketing agency’ and the agency is not on the first few pages of search results, then they are not what they say they are.

Whether a small business or a large corporation, using a government marketing agency means you have experienced digital marketers who can promote all types of businesses. A team of digital marketing specialists would include SEO experts, social media marketers, branding professionals and content marketing people.

You only have to look at a digital marketing agency’s client list to know a lot about the business; there should be some well-known names, which is a strong indication of a high performer. Digital marketing is a performance-based industry; an agency is only as good as their latest results and by doing some online research, you can find out more about the agency.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box in order to get the results you want and a digital marketing agency that is not creative will not be able to find the best way to reach your target group. Click here to find out how to create a winning landing page.


Let’s be honest about this, no digital marketing campaign is without problems and how an agency deals with problems will define their success levels. Digital marketers have to be reactive and with real-time data, they can analyse things and adapt the campaign accordingly. No one knows the future and how users respond to a campaign is never a given, therefore, it is crucial to have your finger on the pulse and be able to respond in real time.

Transparent billing

When you receive the invoice, all costs should be listed; people like to know exactly what their money has been spent on. Some businesses are not so transparent when it comes to billing and as the customer, you should be able to query an item without feeling bad.

Good communication

When you approach a digital marketing agency, you should be referred to a contracts manager, a person who is responsible for your campaigns. As the client, you should be kept up to date at all times and this brings you peace of mind.

If you are looking to forge an alliance with a leading digital marketing agency, start with a Google search, browse a few websites and make some enquiries. Keep in mind the above information when talking to marketing agencies and we hope that you find the right agency that creates a dynamic digital marketing plan that delivers results.

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