What’s in Store for the Future of Digital Marketing—2024 and Beyond | Vol 161

What’s in Store for the Future of Digital Marketing—2024 and Beyond | Vol 161

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🚨 Traffic & Conversion Summit 2024 🚨

Better get those 2024 calendars out because your January just got busier. You can ring in the New Year with Ross and a panel of amazing speakers—including Sir Richard Branson—at the Traffic & Conversion Summit from January 9th to 11th, 2024. The event will be full of can’t-miss insights from experts on the most pressing topics of digital marketing, including: 

So, what are you waiting for?!

The Future of Digital Marketing—Looking to 2024 and Beyond

In pop culture, The Future is often depicted as an age where robots have augmented or replaced so many physical aspects of our lives. Whether it’s Rosie cleaning up after the Jetsons or J.A.R.V.I.S. turning Tony Stark into a superhero, the future is always portrayed as something that looks different. 

For now, though, things more or less look the same, especially for marketers. That’s because the tools of the future exist online. 

Whether it’s ChatGPT, Jasper, and Copy.AI revolutionizing the content creation process and boosting productivity or Salesforce’s Einstein AI providing deeper customer insights—we see the future through our screens. But that doesn’t make them any less impactful than a robotic assistant. 

Fresh off the press for the Foundation Lab, I explore the major trends emerging in the digital marketing space and what the future may have in store as we look to 2024. And don’t worry; it’s not all about generative AI. I also touch on:

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How to Run an Annual Marketing Strategy Meeting (Agenda Included 👀)

As we move into the second-to-last month of 2023 (yikes), it’s time to prepare for 2024. If “how you practice is how you play” explains production in the world of sports, then “how you prepare is how you perform” works just as well for marketing. That’s right, it’s annual strategy planning time. 

I won’t pretend to have any expertise in running this type of meeting, and thankfully, I don’t have to: 

Ross—with his 15 years of experience strategizing for tech startups, mid-market brands, and the Fortune 500—is spilling the beans. 

, Ross provides a detailed guide for marketing professionals looking to plan and execute an effective annual strategy session. From creating a unified marketing vision to empowering team member contributions, he goes over everything you need to know about planning and running the optimal planning session. This includes an eight-component framework for facilitating annual marketing planning sessions:

If you’re ready to take your strategy planning sessions to the next level—and get your hands on a battle-tested two-day meeting agenda!

👀 What’s the Latest in B2B SaaS This Week?

🎧 A Distribution Master Class with Conversion Cast

On the most recent episode of Conversion Cast, Ross links up with host and Leadferno CEO Aaron Weiche to talk all things content distribution. Ross discusses the distribution tactics the Foundation team has leveraged for SaaS giants like Canva, Unbounce, and MailChimp. 

Google’s recent core update is just another in the long list of reminders to all of us in the marketing realm: There’s very little stability in the digital landscape. 

Between advancements in AI, heightened consumer privacy regulations, the ever-evolving search engine algorithms, and other disruptive events, there’s a new normal every week. As marketers, we’re on the front lines of tech, where the only constant is change itself.

This relentless pace of change doesn’t just challenge our strategies; it challenges our mindset. The tools and tactics that worked yesterday may not hold the same power today, and the content that shines now might need to be polished anew tomorrow. 

But here’s the silver lining: These disruptions are opportunities in disguise. They push us to innovate, to understand our audience more deeply, and to craft messages that resonate on a human level beyond keywords and analytics.

As we navigate this dynamic environment, our superpower will be our ability to adapt—to be agile in our planning while maintaining our commitment to quality. Don’t just ride the wave of change; become a better surfer.

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