Where to Start in Digital Marketing in 5 Steps [Video] – MediaVidi

It’s a problem in digital marketing: there are so many things you can do, where do you start? What do you do first? Which actions should be priorities?These are very common questions, asked by digital marketers everywhere.After many years of teaching SEO, social media, email marketing, influencer marketing and conversion optimization, we have finally put together a road map for what to do first.We feel that these are the most important actions because if you do these first, it will make everything you do afterward more effective. These are the foundational, conversion-focused priorities that are 100% critical to success. 1. The ‘contact us’ page 2. The calls to action (CTAs) 3. The service pages 4. The homepage 5. The ‘about us’ pageWhy are they in that order? Because that’s the reverse order starting from the bottom of the funnel. Do the last step first because if there’s an issue there, nothing else matters. No amount of traffic will help if your conversion rate is 0%This mini-framework explains how to get started in digital marketing, and it touches on a lot of other content we’ve published on the related topics. Here are the relevant links: 🔹 The article that goes into the details (and goes beyond the first 5 steps): https://bit.ly/3K69sfl 🔹 The checklist for improving service pages: https://bit.ly/3dtkJaM 🔹 The tips for adding social proof (as in, testimonials) to websites: https://bit.ly/3EDaEpf 🔹 And finally, the step-by-step process for improving conversion rates through copywriting: https://bit.ly/3K3gT6V

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