Why Digital Marketing is a Must for Estate Agents – Rex Reach (formerly Spoke)

Why Digital Marketing is a Must for Estate Agents – Rex Reach (formerly Spoke)

In this rapidly shifting digital landscape, the methods through which people search for property have seen dramatic changes. Gone are the days when agents could rely on flyer drops and portals alone to generate sufficient business. The average individual in the UK spends over 5 hours per day online with approximately one-third of that time dedicated to social media. In contrast, a meagre eight to ten minutes are spared for property portals daily. This stark difference in online behaviours underlines the necessity of a shift in marketing approach and the need for a captivating, accessible digital presence to attract new clients, obtain fresh instructions, and build brand recognition.

The Emergence of Digital Marketing in the Property Sector 

Digital marketing is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for estate agents who wish to enhance stock levels and magnify brand awareness. The digital strategies employed by forward-thinking agencies are often the driving force behind their growth. By bringing their listings and their brand to the arena in which people spend the most time, online, agents are increasing profitability, client base, market share, and consumer satisfaction.

For Hunters Bridgend, implementing digital marketing, using Rex Reach, as the backbone of their marketing efforts generated growth and sustainability in their business generation. Director, Luke Jones, explained that digital marketing allowed Hunters Bridgend to expand their reach to postcodes where they previously had little presence. The increased brand awareness positioned them as the go-to estate agents, leading to an increase in valuations booked and sales in those areas.

Top 5 reasons to include digital ads in your marketing strategy

Expand Your Reach and Get in Front of the Right Audience

Digital marketing allows estate agents to increase their visibility exponentially. By employing sophisticated targeting techniques, agents can reach a wider audience, specifically those actively searching for properties, and even passive potential customers who might not yet know they are ready to buy or sell. This kind of precision targeting is virtually impossible with traditional advertising channels.

Build Your Reputation and Attract Vendors

Estate agents who utilise digital marketing are not just expanding their reach; they are also building their reputation. A well-crafted online presence that showcases an agent’s expertise, experience, and local knowledge can be extremely appealing to vendors. With the right digital marketing strategy, an agent becomes the logical choice for homeowners considering selling their property. Digital marketing, therefore, not only attracts potential buyers, but it also pulls in vendors, growing an agent’s listings portfolio.

Improve Property Lead Outcomes

The integration of digital marketing into an estate agent’s strategy can increase the volume of enquiries from qualified buyers and ultimately improve the sale outcome. Instead of waiting for prospective buyers to find your listing on portals, digital ad campaigns that are designed to reach more interested buyers across social media and the web will drive more interest to your vendor’s listing and ensure you get the best possible sale outcome or your vendor.

Elevate Your Vendor Experience with Tailored Marketing

Incorporating digital advertising into your marketing package can provide a unique selling point over your competitors. By demonstrating that you’re committed to an innovative approach that will drive the best results, your vendors will feel confident that their property is in the right hands. 

Generate Insights and Add to Your Contact Database

Perhaps one of the most under-appreciated benefits of digital marketing is the ability to generate useful insights and add an influx of new contacts to your database. With every campaign, agents can gain invaluable data about the demographics of people interested in their properties, the types of properties that are getting the most attention, and the marketing techniques that are generating the best results. With an exponentially increasing database of contacts and valuable campaign insights, estate agents are able to continuously refine and improve their marketing strategies and outcomes.

The benefits of digital marketing for estate agents in the UK are manifold. Not only does it allow agents to expand their reach and build their reputation, but it also leads to better property lead outcomes, provides a more tailored vendor experience, increases database contacts, and generates useful insights for the future. Rex Reach helps agents leverage these benefits effectively with features like instant ad generation and AI-driven audience targeting. Estate agents embracing digital marketing will not only survive but thrive in the dynamic, evolving landscape of property sales.

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