Why learning digital marketing can make you a be better software engineer

Why learning digital marketing can make you a be better software engineer

Okay, so the title might have thrown you for a loop. You’re probably thinking, ‘Digital marketing? For me? But I’m a software engineer!’ Yeah, it might sound a bit strange. But don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your coding career to learn something new. Think of it as picking up a cool extra skill – one that can boost your software engineering game. Why? Let’s break it down! Personal branding is important Being a coding rockstar isn’t everything, right? Sometimes landing that perfect freelance gig or full-time job can feel impossible. Here’s the thing, it might not be your programming skills that need a boost, but your marketing skills. Think about it, no fancy website to showcase your awesomeness? No side projects to show off your mad skills? That makes it tough for potential clients to find you, even if you’re a coding whiz. Give you a better perspective on business It’s not about saying, “Hey everyone, I can make a website for you,” or “Give me your money, and I will build a website for you”. Being a freelancer is all about understanding the business behind the website. What keeps their business running? What problems are they facing? Do they even need a website, or is there a better solution? By asking these questions, you transform from a software engineer to a problem solver. Not only as a freelancer, but also as a solopreneur building a SaaS system, you can define your target user, promote through the right channels, and identify the problems you aim to solve. This approach may greatly contribute to your success as a solopreneur. Be a corporate software engineer When another team requests a new feature, you might feel the effort is just too high, leading to debates with the product or design team without showing empathy. It’s crucial to understand who the target users are for your product and the positioning of your product. Put yourself in their shoes to feel their pain and understand their gains. By doing so, you can offer input or propose alternative features that may require less effort but have a significant impact. Conclusion Digital marketing gives you another perspective on how to build a system that can bring more value to your client’s business. Remember that we all get hired because we can provide value to our clients, not just because we can code.

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