YouCopia Case Study: From Marketplace to Custom-Branded Ecommerce Site

Founded in 2009, YouCopia offers home company items that bring order to chaotic homes. Customers appreciate their items a lot, YouCopia is also known as a sensation: the feeling of triumph over little stuff.When YouCopia came to Command C, the company offered its online products exclusively through Amazon. Amazon can be a strong sales channel, nevertheless, it doesn’t provide retailers the chance to tell their distinct story. And YouCopia was perfectly placed to do so when they connected to us.Challenge 1: Craft a website that feels highly personalized and branded, however stays within budget.Solution: Utilize a style to optimize performance, while customizing to create a special experience.Leveraging a pre-existing style can be a fantastic way to help acquire efficiency in the advancementprocess– much of the design and code work has currently been done. The disadvantage to utilizing a theme is that it can feel cookie-cutter, and there will be other websites out there using the precise very same designs. This is where we come in. Command C works with customers to inventory their requirements and help them pick a theme that satisfies as a lot of those needs as possible. From there, we strategically craft a strategy to execute any essential more modifications. This option helps strike a balance between expense and customization.Challenge 2: Display ease and charm of YouCopia items on mobile devices.Solution: Make sure theme leverages massive images and instinctive navigation.Our very first option here was to pick and

customize a basic, but sophisticated style that leveraged big images to showcase the

appeal of YouCopia’s products. Product photography is arguably the most crucial aspect of an ecommerce site and YouCopia pertained to us with excellent images. We needed a style that nearly faded into the background and let the photos do the storytelling. Check.Navigation on mobile phones is everything, and our theme needed some personalization in this department. Starting with style’s native navigation, Command C stripped all of it the way back to its plain HTML. From there, we adjusted the HTML as needed then built new effects on top of it. This permitted us to produce two-level nested menus with animation effects that work well on a small screen. The result is a mobile experience that feels a bit more like an app than a website. Challenge 3: Enable YouCopia to add on-brand pages through CMS.Solution: Build customized admin tools leveraging Shopify’s sections, allowing customer to produce vibrant landing pages.As part of the site customization, Command C developed new administrative tools that the theme did not supply out of package. Most especially, we gave YouCopia the capability to

leverage a component-driven design system on page design templates.

The customer can quickly include page templates and pre-designed blocks to those templates to allow for effective CMS capabilities, without risking their strong brand name identity.Now, anytime YouCopia wishes to create a dedicated landing page, their internal team can quickly do so from within Shopify. These kinds of pages are outstanding marketing tools. If they promoted their products on a nationwide TELEVISION show, they might develop a landing page to offer a newbie discount to program audiences. These pages allow YouCopia to share their company story, as it unfolds.Challenge 4: Supply YouCopia’s top-level of customer support by means of online aid center without compromising brand.Solution: Strategic consult on assistance center, Zendesk integration, and skinning to match the rest of site for seamless UX.Customer service is paramount to YouCopia.(Their consumers even have their own name!.?.!! )A basic list of Frequently Asked Question links wasn’t going to offer online consumers YouCopia’s top-level of customer care. Rather, Command C established the navigation through custom-coding Zendesk with huge, visual buttons that match the brand. Now consumers can quickly discover answers to their specific order concerns, as well as broader questions about the company, with a dynamic Assistance Center– and it doesn’t feel like a different website. We’re always looking for ways to empower our customers with tools that assist them work better and easier.Challenge 5: Automate fulfillment.Solution: Construct custom app that automates data transfer in between Shopify website and 3PL. Every seller knows the headache of order fulfillment– that is, until they establish order automation. Command C developed a custom app that incorporates with YouCopia’s 3PL to press orders from Shopify into the 3PL so they can be satisfied. When the 3PL has actually processed the order, they push the information for the delivery back into Shopify. Then Shopify alerts the client that the item has actually shipped. We dealt with both YouCopia and the 3PL to establish the procedures and rules for the order automation.At every step of this project,

the YouCopia group were active participants at the same time. Through routine interaction and solid collaboration, Command C was able to provide this task on time and on budget.Through YouCopia’s products, their consumers experience the sweet relief of being arranged. Now their online shopping experience is equally stress-free. Let’s Talk Solutions for My Ecommerce Website The post YouCopia Case Research Study: From Marketplace to Custom-Branded Ecommerce Website appeared initially on Command C: Shopify Ecommerce, Magento Ecommerce, Brooklyn, NY.

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