Your digital marketing toolbox [New Updates]

Week 1: Overview – Your digital marketing toolbox[New Updates]

Any marketer, or business owner for that matter, should have every available tool in their marketing toolbox to better their brand’s performance. Think with Google has put together a fantastic toolkit for your use with tools and resources you can use in a great many ways to take your brand, or that of your client, to the next level. And, as always with Think with Google, the toolbox is yours to take advantage of at no cost whatsoever. That’s too good to pass up!

These tools are designed to help improve your brand’s marketing, web performance, analysis, digital experience, and more. Choose a use case below to find the tools to match your needs. What are you interested in?

Culture & Trends:What’s trending in my category or market? I want to find out what my potential customers are engaging with and searching for.LEARN MORE

Competitive Analysis:How do I stand up against the competition? What can I do to differentiate my company? I want to see how my brand compares against industry benchmarks. LEARN MORE

Consumer Insights:Who is buying my product and why? What are they searching for and where are they shopping? I want to make better decisions about my marketing campaigns and ad spending. LEARN MORE

Diagnostic Tools & Industry Benchmarks:Am I fast enough? How is my site performing? Am I using the right platform? How does my campaign compare to the rest of the industry? I want to measure my brand’s performance and get tips on improving key metrics. LEARN MORE

Access the complete set of Think with Google tools – Already know what you need? Go directly to the tool that’s right for you.

From just a cursory examination, it’s clear that Think with Google has put together a tremendous resource for your use. There’s a great deal of tools for your use and no limit to what you can do with the information they provide you. After all, as a business owner or marketer you can never have too much actionable information at your disposal, so be sure to come back often to take full advantage of what Think with Google brings to the table. It’ll be well worth your time.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week everyone.

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