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7 Most Popular Digital Marketing Job Titles 

Digital marketing in its simplest form includes any online marketing initiative. Like search engines, social media, portals, blogs and online ads, digital platforms. Since so many people spend so much time online, it is not common today to find a marketer whose position is not to some extent digital marketing. However, these networks are specialized in digital marketing.

They are data experts and flourish at the speed of in-house analysis. They develop digital marketing campaigns, develop content for each digital platform and track the analytics continuously to assess the effectiveness of each campaign. 

Below we listed the most popular digital marketing job titles and gathered information about them. If you want to pursue a career in digital marketing, you may find the best courses for beginners here. 

Digital Marketing Specialist

As a marketing professional, the position of the digital marketer has similar objectives and goals – to raise brand awareness, promote company goods or services and promote conversion prospects. Digital marketers effectively interact via appropriate technology platforms, unlike the most conventional marketing channels. If you want a digital marketing career it could be your starting point. An entry-level digital marketing job titles include these responsibilities:

Digital Marketing Manager 

This title is the second top-tier within the digital marketing job titles hierarchy.

A digital marketing manager’s scope of work mainly involves designing, conducting and managing marketing campaigns, promoting a business, its goods and/or services. The manager plays an important role in improving brand sensitivity in the digital environment, driving the traffic of websites and attracting customers. To be more specific, Digital Marketing Manager’s responsibilities are as follows:

Digital Strategist

This is one of the popular digital marketing agency job titles. Digital strategists are also called Digital Marketing Strategists, who work to integrate digital assets, raise brand awareness, collaborate on marketing campaigns, lead digital activation projects and monitor the effectiveness of digital platforms. Digital Strategist’s responsibilities include but not limited to: 

SEO Specialist 

An SEO specialist basically analyzes reviews and implements search-engine-optimized websites. She/He can also create content with keywords or sentences to improve website traffic. 

SEO Manager 

The primary role of the SEO Manager in a company is to understand, communicate, and carry out all organic search activities in key search engines such as Google. The SEO Manager collaborates in close collaboration with the marketing team to ensure the consistency and development of SEO factors that stimulate organic growth on and off-site.

SEM Specialist 

The Specialist of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will conduct a paid search on Google AG and all other Pay-by-Click (PPC) commercialization activities. An effective SEM marketer can collaborate with SEO and Marketing to optimize ROI in order to drive traffic to and from customers. The SEM expert manages the paid quest budget in addition. Here is the detailed list of SEM Specialist’s responsibilities:

SEM Manager

On behalf of the company, SEM Manager ensures that the company’s websites, blog sites and online web pages are among the top findings as to the viewer searches for material specific to the company in key search engines. Every year the online advertising budgets are increasing around the world. Because of that SEM Manager will become one of the most essential digital marketing job titles in the future.

The Search Optimization, website technology as well as pay-per-click (PPC) internet-marketing strategies are applied by the SEM Manager to perform his duties. Below are the main responsibilities of an SEM Manager:

To learn about the skills in demand in the field of digital marketing and take your actions accordingly, you can click the link and read our article here. 

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