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The internet has changed the buying habits of consumers, but also the way they communicate with brands.

Just as they look for the references of their peers about a product or service before making a purchase decision and have become more demanding in terms of the attention they receive, consumers now have new channels to interact with brands and express their doubts. , needs and problems. 

Digital marketing incorporates strategies and tactics that encourage positive interaction with customers and uses tools to extract as much information as possible from that relationship and their behavior to constantly modify campaigns and improve their effectiveness.

A plan to implement the strategy

Therefore, a 90-day planning makes more sense than an annual marketing plan, since it favors the flexibility of response by monitoring the results of each action to make the necessary adjustments in a timely manner.

Even when strategic planning sets long-term objectives, a tactical digital marketing plan lands those objectives on concrete goals, defining the actions necessary to achieve them.

The big mistake of many companies, large and small, is to ignore the creation of a strategy and immediately jump to the actions, such as posting on social networks and sending emails without any address.

The steps of strategic planning

Strategy is essential to reap the benefits of a digital marketing plan and its design should follow these steps:

Benefits of a 90-day plan

The same steps we defined above give an indication of the advantages of planning three months within the annual strategy. Among them are:

At GROU we not only help you set your goals. We also design strategies, define performance indicators, monitor your campaigns collecting and analyzing data, and optimize actions in a timely manner so that you get results quickly.

Our alliances with the best digital marketing platforms guarantee that we are at the forefront in the use of analysis and automation tools for the benefit of your company. How do you design your strategic and tactical plans? What results do you get? Do you want to try our methods for short-term results?

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