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Creative Vs. Old Marketing As generations continue to grow up and new customers enter the markets from high school and college, marketing objectives have to change. When I started Raptor many years ago, the average customer came from doing their own research on Yahoo or Google. Generally if you could keep your business at the top of Google, you would own your market. Now however we are bombarded with fun advertising through social media of every product we could ever want, including marketing. Instead of qualifications and reviews, we have bubbly personalities yelling at us about their insane happiness or satisfaction mixed with puns or jokes. I’m not saying this isn’t a huge and amazing turn of events for businesses, but it is very uncomfortable for entrepreneurs who just want to sell their products without having to be cool doing it. If you fall in this category you do have to adapt or die. I’m not being mean. As a man in his 40s I am by definition not cool anymore. In fact just saying cool confirms it. Apparently Rizz is the new cool? To stay afloat whether you like it or not, adapt social and brand building into your marketing. Try voiceless socials with trending music and still images or videos as background. Add some text overlay and you are now up to date. Ai is integrating more human like searching and customer interests so you can be assured that marketing will continue to change rapidly over the next few years. Stay tuned!

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