Facebook Uses AI To Improve Marketplace 10

Keeping the pressure on eBay and other virtual flea markets, Facebook is including brand-new features to Marketplace. The company is leveraging AI for cost variety recommendations and auto-categorization.

If a seller is attempting to unload his sword collection, Marketplace will now recommend that he set a specific price range, based on previous sword sales. The system will automatically classify the swordsman’s collection as “pastimes,” based on his photos and product description.Facebook is also checking cam features that might utilize AI to recommend products to users.For example, if a potential buyer shares an image of a brass door knocker, Market might quickly be able to recommend similar knockers for sale nearby.Looking even farther ahead, Facebook is exploring ways that AI might streamline tasks,

like finishing attire or home style jobs, according to Deborah Liu, vice president, Market at Facebook.” For example, you could upload a photo of your living-room and get recommendations on furniture

to buy, based upon your layout and size,” Liu recommends in a new blog post.Just how huge is the Marketplace community?Stateside, more than one-in-three Facebook users now visit Marketplace each month

, according to internal figure. That’s outstanding, considering the service has just been around sine 2016. In the middle of a rash of security breaches, Facebook is putting a higher emphasis on features that

make Market’s users feel more secure.Using AI, for circumstances, the tech titan is working to detect and eliminate products that violate its policies by evaluating

the images, content and context within listings.Within Market, purchasers and sellers can now rate each other to signal whether they had an excellent or bad experience, as well as leave feedback on how they can improve, such as reaction time, friendliness and reliability.Along with its different AI-powered improvements, Market is including a load of new material from services, including cars, home rentals, house services, and deals from ecommerce merchants.

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