Gambio’s GAMB is a decentralized online ecommerce marketplace

Blockchain innovation and the associated cryptocurrencies have been interfering with practically every market this year. However ecommerce is one sector that is not well-served at present, in spite of the frequency of blockchain marketing solutions.Ecommerce platform provider Gambio want to change that with the launch of GAMB( Worldwide Alliance of Merchants on the Blockchain). Using distributed ledger innovation, GAMB is intended to decentralize online retail by developing a digital market powered by the merchants themselves.And the platform is off to an excellent start, thanks to Gambio’s existing consumer base. Gambio has more than 25,000 active stores in over 75 nations at present and procedures billions in annual store revenues for its users.Of course, the 500-pound gorilla in the ecommerce arena is Shopify.

However, Gambio– and, in particular, GAMB– differs from Shopify by accepting cryptocurrency in return for products, not simply fiat.” Gambio as an open source software option for ecommerce, [

. and it] is a consolidated company and leads the marketplace in Germany,”Gambio CEO Luis Krug told me.” The option does not complete directly with Shopify. Our service is open source and not SaaS-based. In any case, the ICO of the GAMB tokens that we release is totally independent from the Gambio software.”Merchants offering through GAMB are able to sign up with a “merchants alliance.” While Gambio merchants have actually always had full control over ownership of their retail area, this provides the opportunity to grow their digital footprint in a retail community, while making them less reliant on a single dominant marketplace.”The GAMB ICO is launched to build the first blockchain-based market,”Krug stated.”It will be the market owned by a merchant alliance. Any merchant will have the ability to take part in the alliance if [they hold] GMB tokens. The tokens will be used to allow the merchant to vote on marketplace issues, and hence we will allow the completely decentralized market, by merchants for merchants. “To puts it simply, the wisdom of the retail crowds applies here. The more merchants utilizing and supporting GAMB, the more prominent and independent they end up being. Merchants will propose market rules, ultimately removing the leading down-power that hinders merchants in existing marketplaces.”The main reason for involvement is since the merchant will be paying less commissions and will own the client data of the produced orders,”Krug said.”Unlike being a merchant

of Amazon’s market, where you essentially need to pay high commissions to not even own the customer information, on the GAMB marketplace we will provide full transparency. “And how does blockchain technology help here?The blockchain will assist make cryptocurrency a more mainstream payment option, something the whole industry is coming to grips with at present. More than< a href= > 96 percent of U.S. customers currently shop online, with the number growing rapidly throughout the world. Over 2.1 billion people are anticipated to go shopping online by 2021, by which time it is most likely that cryptocurrencies will be more mainstream and accepted by retail sites all over. GAMB’s method could speed up that usage.Gambio is bullish on its ability to scale the option and take advantage of its existing merchants. “The preliminary merchant base will come from the existing Gambio software holders,”Krug said.”Merchants utilizing Gambio presently invoice over$2 billion a year, and the consolidated product brochure goes beyond

2 million items. We have an excellent base to start a marketplace job. Without sufficient traffic, we will not be able to contend. The management group of this project has actually scaled numerous tasks to above$500 million in revenue and has terrific experience in making this a major website.”Exactly what’s next for Gambio?” For the GAMB ICO, we are positive we’ll reach our hard cap during our presale,”Krug said. “We will then instantly begin with the advancement of the blockchain-based marketplace. The group is ready to go, and we are excited about how we will revolutionize the ecommerce space. “

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