Get to know Purendra and Yogesh: Change makers of digital marketing space in India

Digital marketing has given the advertising industry a different dimension. You can see the potential growth of advertising sector with the exponential rise of digital marketing space. Digitalization has been a keyword in the life of present millennia. With the opportunities digital marketing space is providing, the youth of present generation are willing to give up their regular 9 to 5 jobs that are known to give more pressure and less reward. Purendra Kumar and Yogesh Kushwaha are two such names that have revolutionized digital marketing at a very young age. These two digital entrepreneurs have taken big steps that many can only imagine such stories in Bollywood or Hollywood movies.

Purendra and Yogesh who were great friends before they started to work together, joined hands under the umbrella company Branditude Media to develop digital marketing ideas and execute their ideas for their clients. Purendra is a guy who loves nature, mountains and river, whereas Yogesh is a gadget geek and automobile enthusiasts. Although both are poles apart when it comes to hobbies but they are money making machines and digital marketing pioneers when it comes to professional sphere.

When asked how they become so successful, they say that Rome was not built in a day and so is their success. According to them, they have worked hard consistently 16 to 17 hours per day to achieve their goals. When people of their age were busy watching Netflix and IPL, these guys were busy making them their clients. They also have other big names like Tata Motors, Bytedance, Cadbury etc in their client list. It is amazing when you think guys in their early 20s are creating domination in the digital market whereas others are failing big time. It shows how hardworking and determined guys they are.

The creation of network of millions of individuals over the web permitted them to get well known by aiding nearby organizations and different specialists to develop and gradually, they rode up the stepping stool. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea with the continuous framework and upgrades your business in teenagers. It is a lot of clear that there would have been numerous difficulties and bunches of ups or downs and obviously, as yet being mainstream without financial help from any place is something that solitary an innovative brain can deal with. With more than 60 million people’s network they are having a great quality bunch of audience that is every digital marketing agent’s dream.

It is difficult to find guys like Purendra Kumar and Yogesh Kushwaha. You can take inspiration from these guys if you want to be successful like them in your life. They crossed hurdles and stayed motivated to succeed in their dream of being successful digital entrepreneurs. These guys are inspirations of people from every field because the success of Purendra from Dewada, Chattisgarh and Yogesh from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh shows birthplace are never a reason for anyone’s failure if you are determined enough.

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