How to Grow your Food Business – Digital Marketing Tips – Nike Free Damendes

Are you happy with the way your brand or business is performing if yes wonderful this video is not for you If no, let us talk about what you and I together can do for your plan if you are in the food business Congratulations, you have made an amazing choice I tell you why because the food online ordering market in India is going to grow at 16 percent annually to reach 20 billion dollars by 2023 But you are not alone in the market. Zomato, Swiggy and other food aggregators are aggressively pushing to capture these markets in the desire of capturing these markets They are constantly pushing the boundaries of ethical business. The restaurants are becoming more and more dependent on these kind of platforms Increased sales creates the pressure on the proprietor to stay on the platform and to be in the race of relevance with its competitors But what will you do when these kind of companies start to become a bully as they’ve already started to do so They are reducing their transparencies and they are also taking unilateral business decisions restaurants are experiencing Unprofitable sales deep discounting pressure, reduced visibility and shortened delivery radius So what is the solution the solution is that you build your own brand? The direct contact with your consumers, create a customer database while you still on these aggregator platforms. Use every social media or digital media platform to propagate your brands name and your brands values If you can do all of this I ensure you a significant increase in your customer retention and your brand recall. So when these platforms become a bully and you don’t want to associate with them anymore Your customers will still remember your plant and keep ordering from you We might help you in this journey. We have done this before for a lot of our clients. We’ve significantly increased their sales and the number of orders by our brand-specific strategies. If you want we can do it for you as well. Tell us what is your vision about your plant fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you. Than You.