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One of the most innovative new companies is taking the industry by storm. is gaining traction and a reputation of being the best and is causing a new change in how we market our business, reputation, and products. Two Cousins, Zohaib and Bilal Patoli have dominated an industry that was previously only gatekept by Boomer and Gen X executives. Now, the twenty-two and twenty year old business partners have opened new doors to make digital marketing current with the generation with LeadOrigin.

Individually, the cousins have been involved with entrepreneurship while in middle school with Zohaib starting at 13 with a jean business, and Bilal at 14 creating and growing eCommerce businesses with eBay. Zohaib’s venture reached an impressive six figures within the first year while Bilal was generating $80,000 a month, scaled his business through Shopify, and then ten months later solidified his brand. The two have many skills and combine interests that compliment their business endeavors together.

After their individual successes, they partnered together and founded WithPort. Together, they generated a combined revenue of two million dollars just by focusing and launching eCommerce concepts. That isn’t all… The two cousins have successfully launched and succeeded with over thirty eCommerce businesses in less time than most seasoned business professionals will have had launching and succeeding with one business.

At 17 and 16 years of age, the cousins founded an SMB-focused full-service marketing agency: SnapWeb Services. Zohaib and Bilal grew SnapWeb Services from a simple concept on paper to a multi-million dollar agency within four years culminating in a fruitful exit. Literally, what started in Zohaib’s bedroom had grown to multiple offices around the globe! Since its start in April 2017, Zohaib and Bilal have driven SnapWeb Services to the top ranks of Houston’s best marketing agencies as rated by Expertise.com. The firm was also awarded Agency of The Year by Design Rush and a place on the 2020 Forbes Agency Council. SnapWeb Services has been able to drastically enhance the bottom lines of companies within the E-Commerce, healthcare, automotive, education, law, pharmacy, and energy industries – just to name a few.

The two entrepreneurial starlets have now exited SnapWeb Services and are currently leveraging their expertise, youth, and experience to launch LeadOrigin. This digital transformation firm will serve as a portal to achieve modern E-Commerce concepts and implement cutting-edge marketing solutions. Through disruptive strategies tailored to each unique brand, LeadOrigin is helping new and existing businesses exponentially boost their ROI, while reaching new audiences and optimizing overall marketing methods in the ever-changing digital age.

 The LeadOrigin Mission

“Our mission is to help you make the big shift from then to now by putting your business on the map in the Digital Age. We listen, collaborate, and deliver a tailored approach adapted for your company’s goals and objectives. Our full suite of marketing and creative services advocate a customized, omni-channel, and data-driven marketing strategy resulting in unparalleled digital intelligence, business insights, and game-changing ideas.”

What is LeadOrigin – According to Zohaib and Bilal

“LeadOrigin is a modern consulting firm with a single focus: putting your business in front of digital audiences with cutting-edge omnichannel marketing solutions. Using a comprehensive suite of data-driven techniques, LeadOrigin does much more than capture leads and generate traffic. With a blend of machine-learning technology and astute marketing methods, LeadOrigin is able to produce revolutionary business insights and unlock previously out-of-reach opportunities. We don’t lock ourselves into a static list of “what we can do.” You provide the challenges; we provide solutions! Alongside the diverse cast of experts working in our firm, you can rest assured that we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to tackle your most trivial trials at a moment’s notice. Unlike simple agencies that are only equipped to act as service providers, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide effective solutions to all of your marketing needs.”

Zohaib and Bilal want to solve problems and create lasting solutions. With LeadOrigin, they are rebuilding and rebranding what it means to digitally market businesses and products. With a solidified experience in technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship they are able to spot the value and work off of that to create something more focused and strategized.

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