Month-to-month Marketplace Article Roundup: August 2018

Have leading market operators lost touch with their sellers– individuals accountable for their success? Are investors lastly coming to the realization that markets are the future of commerce? Has Amazon fulfilled its match in the fight for dominating the health care space?In this month’s roundup of marketplace news, we answer these questions, and more: Online markets have been significant drivers of the modern-day economy. One just has to seek to the power and scale of commerce giants such as Alibaba and eBay. Even transportation business such as Uber and Lyft fall under the market umbrella.Despite the numerous examples of effective marketplace entrepreneurs

, lots of venture capitalists are avoiding the marketplace company model due to the fact that it requires more effort to build out these companies as opposed to direct-to-consumer brand names such as Casper, Dollar Shave Club, and Bonobos. The common thread between various customer brands is that they deliver considerable short-term returns however die as time goes on because impersonators cut into the sales and profit potential.In contrast, markets are more of a long-term play. While they carry more danger, they deliver greater rewards in that they

‘re hard to overtake when they hit vital mass. That said, by ignoring the market company model, investor are leaving significant quantities of money on the table, and are doing a disservice to their shareholders.In light of Amazon acquiring pharmacy startup PillPack, Walgreens is stepping up its game in the health care area, by releasing a market for

customers to find and schedule visits with doctor. To date, the app known as Find Care Now has actually been downloaded a massive 50 million times.Although Amazon is a powerful opponent for Walgreens in the medical area, Walgreens has a competitive advantage because it’s currently associated with health and health.

While Amazon has the ability to undercut competitors in the retail and grocery area, for them, health and health is more of an afterthought.As this fight is simply getting started, time will just tell whether a hybrid of online/offline care can take on an online only model.Although enhancing for the seller experience is necessary for a market to be successful, it appears that Amazon

, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, and other leading markets are beginning to put that recommendations aside by focusing solely on the needs of buyers.Amazon just recently announced that it’s making it possible for invoices to be sent out to purchasers, allowing them to make payments with an extended due date. It’s a logistics headache for sellers because they’re not getting paid when they’re delivering purchases.Walmart on the other hand is enabling in-store returns for online purchases.

This has market sellers crying foul as it puts them in direct competition with the retailer’s physical stores.This reaction from sellers shows the balancing act marketplace operators have to preserve in order to succeed. Ultimately, market

operators require to bear in mind that sellers are the ones investing in the platform. As such, their needs need to be offered a higher concern compared to those of buyers.Anyone who has actually followed the news just recently likely has actually heard plenty about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Although cryptocurrencies are a hot subject in the digital world, for numerous the currencies haven’t really captured on since of associated risks and logistical problems, such as converting the currencies to cash.OmniBazaar is a brand-new marketplace that is wanting to alter that by making cryptocurrencies more accessible

. What sets OmniBazaar apart from traditional marketplaces is that by default sellers are able to accept Bitcoin, Ether, or OmniCoins(which are the cryptocurrency produced by the platform operator). By having users negotiate their funds straight, rather than through a bank, sellers are able to save 90-100%of the costs that would usually go to a bank. Although lower costs are a significant advantage for OmniBazaar, it doesn’t cancel out that cryptocurrencies are very unstable and they can decline overnight.To discover more about how the marketplace business design can help enhance your success, examine out The Kahuna Blog. Just click the button below!

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