Skills shortage a significant problem for SG companies in e-commerce era

Singaporean companies have been struggling to fill open positions due to the experience and skills applicants’ absence. According to Linda Teo, nation supervisor of ManpowerGroup Singapore, “While expert system is fast-expanding what can be automated, innovation is redefining rather than changing sought-after roles.”

The report included that the hardest job to fill to discover include sales representatives, engineers and drivers which are likewise the hardest to fill.The demand for

chauffeur and customer care officers are on the increase due to consumerism as the online retail trade, logistics and last-mile delivery increases.However, these functions need new skills

and training which will continue to alter. Teo likewise stated that the prevalence of e-commerce in Singapore has likewise driven up demand for motorists and client service experts to resolve business’ growing logistics and last-mile shipment requirements. She included that the business that provide on-demand transport and shipment services such as Grab and Foodpanda are adding to the demand.Lack of experience a major issue With companies automating and changing due to digitalisation,

employers seek prospects who hold both the technical abilities and human strengths such as communication, cooperation and relationship-building. 13 %of the surveyed employers said that 13 %of the candidates do not have either of the required skills.According to the ManpowerGroup 2018 Talent Lack Study that was based on 360 Singapore employers, an estimated one-third of the property surveyors felt that the main

reason the positions can not be filled is due to candidates ‘lack of experience. In addition, 27 %said that applicants look for higher pay, while 22% point to the lack of applicants.In the Asia Pacific region, Singapore was ranked under the leading 5 of the worst affected markets in regards to skill shortage.This has actually pushed companies around the globe to deal with skill shortages by up-skilling the existing personnel while changing the credential requirements in addition to recruiting more fully grown employees who bring with them experience and previous abilities.

Teo explained that


it is time for a brand-new technique of attracting, recruiting and maintaining skill.”Companies need to purchase abilities where required, obtain from external sources and help people with adjacent skills bridge from one function to another. We require to worth potential over performance. Above all, we have to be builders of talent, instead of customers of work to develop a labor force with the abilities business and people have to prosper today and tomorrow,”she added.

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