Top 5 tricks to squeeze the most from your digital marketing budget

The final days of 2019 are upon us, which likely means your digital marketing budget is stretched to its limits by this point. We get it – however, there’s still tons you can do to help close out the year on a high note and set up a bright future in 2020.

Keep reading to discover our top five tips!

Social media

Speaking of visual content, why not try creating your own video? Over over all other forms of content. Good news: You can if you have the right tools (video creation platforms like and are easy options). Try using stock photos and videos if you don’t have your own content on hand, or simply record a video on your phone and post it on social – but whatever you end up posting, make sure it’s relevant to your audience, on-brand and entertaining (or at least educational).

Email marketing

is another budget-friendly way to connect with your target audience. Get started with an , and make the body of the email clear, concise and visually-appealing. A little discount code, promotion or other perk never hurts either, if you want to boost those click rates.

Host a webinar

are a great way to connect with a new target audience members, educate existing ones, spread the word about your business and establish yourself as a in your industry. You can even use the free apps like to broadcast your webinar. Want to skip the attendee registration process? Make it simple by on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Try a cross-promotion

Are there any brands in your area that you would love to work with, or that you think have a similar target audience to your own? Reach out to them and try setting up a cross-promotion – social media post exchanges are easy and mutually beneficial. Your brand partner will be exposed to your audience, and you’ll be exposed to theirs. Plus, it’s a great way to build relationships – you never know what kind of opportunities the right partnership will create.

Clearly, there’s no need to despair over a dwindling digital marketing budget, as long as you’re willing to get a little creative. Use our cost-effective suggestions as your guide, and don’t forget to while you’re at it!