UPS Trials Mini Electric Cargo Bikes That Deftly Weave Through NYC Traffic – Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

Following in the footsteps of the United States Postal Service, UPS has begun testing its own fleet of electric bikes as an alternative to delivery trucks. 

According to Electrek, the mini cargo carrier is a hybrid of an electric bicycle’s mid-drive motor and a set of bicycle pedals, resulting in electric quadricycle (or eQuad) of sorts, which the manufacturer has termed a “four-wheeled e-assist cycle.” 

Interestingly, as the official UPS Twitter account pointed out, this move marks somewhat of a “full-circle” moment, as the delivery service had actually started out as a bike messenger service over a century ago. 

With its narrow (33 inches) width and compact (10 feet) length, the eQuad is a great alternative to bulkier carriers that aren’t able to reach the same nooks and crannies, which makes it perfect for squeezing through the congested traffic in New York City, where the trial is taking place. 

Plus, in terms of sustainability, switching from gas-powered trucks to electric vehicles is certainly a move in the right direction to reduce carbon emissions. 

Nicole Pilet, Industrial Engineering Director at UPS, told CBS News that the company is looking to learn from its trial, and that with how dense the city is, if the program succeeds in New York, it very well could be implemented everywhere else. 

Perhaps we could soon see large delivery trucks disappearing from the roads and popping up as e-vehicles on the bike lane instead.

Read all about it! 🗞 @UPS eBikes hit streets of Manhattan testing pilot program for deliveries w/ UPS @fernhay eQuad. It’s an electric cargo bike allowing for more #sustainable deliveries in urban areas. Full circle for 100+ yr company that started as a bike messenger service.🚲

— UPS Public Affairs (@UPSPolicy) June 14, 2022


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