Wono.io: Decentralized P2P Marketplace

Peer-to-peer markets are rapidly ending up being a staple of our world economy. According to PwC, the worldwide P2P economy is expected to produce more than $335Billion in worth by2025 Leading platforms like Airbnb, Turo, and Upwork function as intermediaries that connect countless people to work out services or exchange ownerships with each other. These platforms are liable for speeding up the development of our around the world peer-to-peer economy, they are not without their faults.The platforms charge high commission charges, and usually consist of deals that are undependable, do not have transparent ranking systems, and eventually hold excessive power as the arbiter of all deals made in between individuals.This is why Wono is establishing a decentralized peer-to-peer

marketplace for leasings and freelancing. Business is generally developing a cross between Airbnb and Upwork making use of blockchain innovation.With their blockchain based platform, there are no intermediaries, taxes or losses due to currency exchange. Users can work as providers, customers, deal insurance business, and arbitrators, all the while making WONO tokens for their efforts.The company is introducing an ICO on July 30 th with the objective of raising a soft cap of $7m and a hard cap of $20 m.How it works The WONO platform utilizes Ethereum clever arrangements to help with the treatment of renting possessions under a sharing economy or bring out tasks as a freelancer.

Users make and

invest Wono tokens within the neighborhood Users acquire trustworthiness scores and rankings while getting involved on the platform. Disagreements are handled by methods of a treatment called’Arbitrage’, which is an offer cancellation conflict system using decentralized ballot that is kept in the Ethereum network as a sensible agreement.Physical ownerships or services used by users are merely referred to as ‘Possessions’All the terms for a possession are continued creative agreements.There are 4 kinds of users on Wono’s platform: Consumer: Consumers employ freelancers, order services such

as a cars and trucks and truck journey or a leased house, or lease any ownerships in belongings of a provider(e.g., health club subscriptions, gadgets, instruments).

Arbitrator: During an offer conflict or cancellation, the arbitrator is charged with ballot on which event require to be fined, and which have to be compensated. The Arbitrator stakes their own tokens when voting to guarantee that they vote reasonably. After the tally procedure is total, the arbitrator gets their tokens back plus a benefit, which originates from expert insurance coverage companies connected to the platform.Guarantor: TheGuarantors task is to confirm that a Deal in between 2 celebrations will be efficiently carried out without any problems. The Guarantor does not guarantee the Asset nevertheless rather the threat of an Offer cancellation.TheGuarantor stakes their tokens up till the offer is efficiently concluded. Then they get their deposit back plus a benefit from the insurance coverage part of the Commission. V endor: Vendors lease ownerships and carry out tasks for consumers in the peer-to-peer economy. Suppliers are paid in Wono tokens, which are administered by means of creative agreements.There are 4 core components to Wono’s P2P economy: Space sharing: Combines the principles of P2P leasings(like Airbnb )with home switching Transportation sharing: Uses the Turo/Getaround style where an individual can deal with or rent a cars and truck for any favored duration different ownerships sharing: Users can work with and lease any belongings in their personal belongings( e.g., gym memberships, devices, instruments)Services sharing: Combine the Freelancer/Upwork style for remote tasks and TaskRabbit for micro tasks.DealStructure A

Offer within the WONO Procedure has the following functions: Registering celebrations acknowledge and approve monetary responsibilities Tokens are worked out between events throughoutthe Offer’s execution and termination Connection in between the Users and the Property(e., physical belongings or services utilized) Connection to the Offer cancellation insurance coverage system Connection to the decentralized Arbitrage system.Ethereum creative agreements basically work as an escrow to individually hold token funds as the concerns to

  • a deal are carried out between celebrations.TheWono Environment TheWono environment includes the following 3 core components: WonoProtocol: a set of decentralized apps that utilize Ethereum smart contracts to carry out the WONO company
    • style Wono API: accelerator of the WONO Protocol WonoClient: main customer, a Web application made use of to handle the Wono API and Wono Procedure Group Wono’s group consists of varied members with strong technical and business backgrounds. They likewise have a board of advisers of blockchain professionals.AlexanderEsaulov– CEO, Founder AlexanderEsaulov is a company owner and an online marketer.
    • Alexander established and successfully used different start-ups. They are Greeder(a products market with a bargaining choice), Alex Games (physical conditioning fact program), Burn to Make( physical fitness truth program in the United

      States), and SPb Fighters(

      Mixed Martial Arts fact program ). TimofeyEsaulov Service Advancement Manager TimofeyEsaulov has 20 +years of experience in management, business improvement, analysis, and method as a CEO in many service. He was senior supply manager at the Ford Motor Company for more than Ten Years. Timofey monitors of company and monetary preparation at WONO.AndreyChepelev– COO AndreyChepelev is the Editor-in-Chief

    and Task Supervisor atKolesa ru. In 4 years he raised the website’s routine month-to-month audience from 0.7 million to 2 million and developed it from a little local media site into the number

    5 auto media site inRussia As an effective executive and media expert, Andrey handled Alex Esaulov as COO at Alex Games and Burn to Earn.Advisors IanScarffe Blockchain marketing and basic advisory LevLemkov ManagementAdvisor AlexanderFrolov: BlockchainSoftware Designer AdilKhan: P2PCarsharing Consultant Roadmap Token Wono tokens are an ERC-20 token constructed on the Ethereum blockchain. It is used for the following: AllP2P payments

    on the platform as an internal currency Deal

    security as a reserve Crowd insurance protection and crowd arbitrage.TokenSale Business is presenting an ICO on July 30 th with the goal of raising a soft cap of $7m and a tough cap of $20 m.Pros OnWono, freelancing and renting cars/houses is a decentralized procedure that needs no intermediaries Disputes can be handled by means of

    a ballot system where individuals stake their tokens to ensure fairness Wono’s platform

    removes the requirement for high commission charges paid to main intermediaries The platform includes crowd insurance coverage and crowd arbitrage.Cons Wono offers with competitors from freelance/workforce Blockchains like BlueWhale andMoonlight Wono may need to establish or focus on marketing particular functions that differentiates it from these platforms

    Decentralizes structure might make dispute resolution procedure slower than central companies.Conclusion Wono is developing a decentralized freelanceand leasing market that will empower people all over the world to exchange belongings and monetize their capability in a self-governing, sensible, and safe environment.With a strong technical group and a board of advisors of blockchain specialists, Wono appearances poised to redefine the peer-to-peer economy.The post Wono.io: Decentralized P2P

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