Wrangling Data from the Data Marketplace

One of data science’s unclean little tricks is the time spent data wrangling, that is accessing the information and then transforming it into a kind compatible with your data tools and picked analytical and finding out models. Most concur this can take a full 75-80% of data science time. In this episode of the IoT Inc Organisation Program, I talk with Adam Mayer about information access and kind when shopping at your regional datamart.In this episode of

the IoT Organisation Show, I talk to Adam Mayer about data gain access to and kind when shopping at your local datamart.Adam is a Senior Supervisor of Technical Item Marketing

at Qlik, particularly concentrated on IoT and GDPR. Adam has over Twenty Years of B2B customer experience within the IT, Automotive and Manufacturing sectors.When considering data marketplaces or data exchanges or what I call datamarts, how you get the data and the kind it remains in can be as essential as the information itself. Is it accessed through a feed, an API or by downloading a spreadsheet? Then, is the information packaged or raw, significance is it normalized, standardized and with accompanying meta information? With a lot time invested data wrangling the answers to these questions can significantly impact your data pipeline workflow.Here’s What We’ll Cover in this Episode Why are datamarts needed?The different methods to connect to datamart information The various company designs to purchase datamart information Data agreements and clever

agreements What to watch out for with respect to GDPR personal privacy regulation

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