5 Fun, Fresh Digital Marketing Ideas

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The calendar has turned once again, and we find ourselves in the beginning of October. As much as you may love our pumpkin spice lattes, it also means it’s time to start the dreaded year-end planning. But we are here to spin that apprehension on its head: whether you have a retail business getting ready for holiday sales, or a services business that needs to close the year out strong, there is no reason why your digital marketing planning needs to feel stressful.

This is the perfect time of year to break out of your normal routine and add some splash to your marketing. At Bombastic, we use this time of year to pause, remind ourselves of our Why, and inject some freshness. Not only does it take the edge off of hectic time of year, but it gives us a boost that supports our annual goals. So let’s dive in!

5 Digital Marketing ideas to help you plan your year-end programs

fresh digital marketing ideas

1. Boost customer retention with a custom mobile app

Pause a minute and think about how you focus on building your repeat business. Business after business are turning to apps to not only make it easier to bring in repeat business, but to also stand out from their competitors. Did you know that over 30% of Dominos Pizza orders come through their app? That Walgreens Pharmacy has a new prescription refill come through their app every second? Custom apps are not just for large businesses – they are more affordable than ever.

2. Have fun on social media again

Is your social media routine stuck in a rut? Take a quiet moment to remember your original goals (customer engagement? finding new customers? building your brand?), and then think of at least 1 new thing to try on social media. Maybe add a weekly video post, or try a new social media platform (hello Pinterest and TikTok!), or invite colleagues to guest post. Not only will you enjoy posting from a fresh angle, you will get the notice of the social media algorithms and your target customers.

3. Create a unique piece of content

If you’ve been using the same techniques to reach your target customers all year, now is the perfect time to branch out to a new form of communication. You could create an infographic to serve as a helpful tool for your customers. Another idea is to create a targeted blog post for an important niche in your target market. Or, a small eBook can be a powerful “thank you” to your current clients. Sometimes using a different format will add just the splash you need to boost your thought leadership.

4. Online reputation audit

When was the last time you checked your ratings on Yelp? Or on Google? Many small business owners are so busy, they can’t regularly schedule time to manage their online reputation. Block out an hour or two to look up your business on every platform you can think of. Not only will you ensure there aren’t any negative reviews that need addressing, you will get insight as to where your target clients are searching.

5. Ask for email addresses on your website

One of the simplest ways you can plan for your long term marketing is to capture email addresses on your website. Depending on your website platform & email marketing provider, you can add pop-up prompts, or simply enclose a signup form in your footer. It’s not tricky to do, and will help you get ready for emails in the new year.

email capture on Lilajuneskincare.com
An email capture form Bombastic created for our client, LilaJune Skincare

Grab a cup of coffee, sit down with your colleagues, and embrace this opportunity to break out of your marketing routine.

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