Digital Marketing Firm Langoor Makes Significant Investment in Sydney based Charlie Chatter – BW Disrupt

Langoor a full-service digital-first agency made of creative technologists has made a significant investment in “Charlie Chatter”. Charlie Chatter connects device to TV like never before! Charlie Chatter’s unique software instantly amplifies your communications, broadcasting them to the TV. The patented technology controls secure overlay messaging and notifications to different displays via its server, providing real-time and relevant content to viewers on demand.

Using this technology, the Charlie Chatter TV Chat application, creates a fun, immersive and engaging experience for people in their homes when they are watching and chatting about their favourite TV shows with their friends. Charlie Chatter allows your messages to instantly pop up on your TV screen, without interrupting the show so you can keep up with the conversation and never miss a second of the action.

Speaking on the occasion, Venugopal Ganganna, CEO, Langoor said, “The future of marketing is all about building right experiences and we have been pushing our boundaries to find different means to create immersive experiences. We felt Charlie Chatter had the perfect vision. The TV Chat application certainly provides a user experience that is fun, engaging & fully immersive. It was challenging to design and build the product. We are super excited to make this investment and take this product to brands in India.”

Charlie Chatter’s co-founder, Adrian Marafioti, said “Having already worked with Langoor for over 18 months building the product, we are very excited to have entered into a strategic partnership with Langoor, as we look to expand into the Asian market”.

Langoor’s thought leadership, digital technology, marketing expertise and contacts in Asia make them the right partner for Charlie Chatter’s expansion. “We are confident our unique communications software will provide a strong differentiator to Indian brands and their customers”, Adrian further added.

Charlie Chatters differentiated technology can also be integrated into any third-party applications or TV platforms, providing partners and their alliance partnerships with detailed analytics and a contextual ad serving platform, so they can communicate with their users like never before.